Yandex Cloud Speech Recognition
1) Interfaces:
1.1) ILowLevelSpeechRecognition
? Method: Recognize
? Method: StartRecord
? Method: StopRecord
? Event: SpeechRecognizedSuccessEvent
? Event: SpeechRecognizedFailedEvent

2) Classes:
2.1) SpeechRecognitionModule – implements ILowLevelSpeechRecognition
2.2) RecognitionResults
2.3) MicrophoneWorker
2.4) PCMWrapper
2.5) Enumerators
2.5.1) Enum: Language
2.5.2) Enum: Model

How to use
First of All you need to add SpeechRecognitionModule prefab from FrostweepGames->YandexCloudSpeechRecognition->Prefabs folder to your working scene.

Then you need to set your own API key of Yandex Cloud Speech Recognition into Custom Api Key field.
If you don’t have API Key, you can get it from .
Also you can change default Language on what you need,default Model of speech recognition type

Record Length field uses for how long we record speech. Is Loop Recording field sets the loop of recording every Record Length seconds.

Then we need to create script with name Example and write base logic:

Where SpeechRecognizedSuccessEventHandler is the event handler of SpeechRecognizedSuccessEvent
and SpeechRecognizedFailedEventHandler is the event handler of SpeechRecognizedFailedEvent.

SpeechRecoginezedSuccessEvent will fire when speech recognition will returned response.
This event has a SpeechRecognitionResponse param type.

SpeechRecoginezedFailedEvent will fire when speech recognition failed. This event has a string param type.

You can handle response of Speech Recognition in SpeechRecognizedSuccessEventHandler

To get result of recognition you can use “RecognitionResults->Variant->Text” path.
Where RecognitionResults is instance of RecognitionResults object, Variant is a list of Variants.

For the start recording you can call this method:

For the stop recording you can call this method:

Example scene included to project:

• Example script included in unitypackage!
• Working with il2cpp and mono
• Supported all platforms*
• Plugin Support Unity3D 4 or above