Universal Analytics using Google
1) Interfaces:
1.1) ILowLevelAnalytics
? Method: SendEvent
? Method: SendException
? Method: SendItem
? Method: SendTransaction
? Method: SendSocial
? Method: SendUserTiming
? Method: SendBrowserTiming
? Method: SendSystemInfo
? Method: BeginHit
? Method: CancelHit
? Method: SendHit
? Method: AddScreenName

2) Classes:
2.1) AnalyticsSystemInfo – return systemInfos (type is List)
2.2) GoogleAnalytics – implements ILowLevelAnalytics (low level api)
2.3) AnalyticsUtilites
2.4) AnalyticsModule– implements ILowLevelAnalytics
2.5) Enumerators
2.5.1) Enum: HitType
2.5.2) Enum: ProductAction
2.5.3) Enum: AnalytycsService

How to use
First of all you need to configure your analytics module. For do this you need to add AnalyticsModule script to the GameObject.

Then, you need to set your trackingID of your application. You can get your trackingID from https://analytics.google.com/ .
We have some properties for setting the analytics logging:
Use HTTPS – this property is enabling security connections to the server with https protocol.
Use Analytics Offline Cache – this property is enabling offline cache if device doesn’t have internet connection.
And when internet connection is accessed we send cached analytics. Log Exception - this property is enabling logging exceptions in application
Log System Info When Launched – this property is enabling send system info event when application is launched
App Name – this property is name of application
App Version – this property is version of application
List of Analytics Services – this property have a analytics services. (Warning: please use only Google).
TrackingID is identificator of Analytics tracking. Can Logging property is enabling logging option. For send event you can use this Methods:

SendSystemInfo Method sends events with system info
SendEvent Method sends events with category, category action, some text label and some number value
SendTransaction Method sends transaction events with transaction id, affiliation, revenue, shipping, tax, currencyCode
SendItem Method sends item events with transaction id, itemName, itemPrice, itemQuantity, itemCode, itemCategory, currencyCode
SendSocial Method sends social events with social network name, action name, social target
SendException Method sends exception with description of exception and exception type (fatal or no)
SendUserTiming Method sends user timing event with category, some variable name, time and text label
SendChangeScreen Method sends change screen event with screen name

Example scene included to project:

• Example script included in unitypackage!
• Working with il2cpp and mono
• Supported all platforms*
• Plugin Support Unity3D 4 or above

* - WebPlayer doesn’t support, PS\Xbox\PSP\TVos\SamsungTV – doesn’t tested.